Tuesdays with Theresa: Effectively Communicating with Anesthesia via Preop Manager

In our most recent Tuesdays with Theresa webinar, we covered “Communicating with Anesthesia via Preop Manager.” During this time of COVID-19, the new normal is starting to set in. One thing we have all learned is that many tasks that were primarily done in person are just as effective in a remote capacity. The communication between pre-admit testing (PAT) and anesthesia is one of the most important pieces of the surgical puzzle. Ensuring the perioperative department knows everything about the patient is crucial to determine if the patient is healthy enough for anesthesia. Being able to communicate the past medical history, past surgical history and any co-morbidities to the anesthesia providers in a timely fashion is key to ensuring patients are ready for surgery.

One way to communicate that information remotely is through the Picis applications:

  1. Picis Multi-Doc Viewer allows everyone in the perioperative department to see any documents regarding the patient, such as H and P (history and physical examination), signed consents, EKGs (electrocardiography), outside labs, etc. The staff can look in ONE system and have access to ALL information collected on the patient.
  2. Use the patient status in Picis Preop Manager to communicate to anesthesia that the patient’s chart is ready for review.
  3. Utilizing census lists associated with the status to ensure that anesthesia is reviewing the appropriate charts. After the anesthesia review, the patient can be placed in an additional status to communicate to PAT if the patient is ready for surgery, needs consult, needs additional testing, etc. This electronic communication reduces the number of phone calls and the need to physically transport charts from one area to another. The goal is to ensure the patient is ready for surgery and no matter the process, the patient’s safety is everyone’s number one priority. This process also takes the staff’s safety into consideration as well.

Picis can help you set up Preop Manager to accommodate this process to communicate seamlessly between departments. Click the button below to reach out to our team to see the solution in action.

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Theresa Sullivan, directora de asistencia de ventas

Theresa lleva 15 años trabajando en Picis y ocupa actualmente el puesto de directora de asistencia de ventas. Theresa ha implantado las soluciones de Piscis en varias instalaciones comerciales y de VA, ha ocupado el puesto de consultora clínica de ventas, gestionado el programa de referencias de Picis y ha prestado asistencia a los clientes como consultora estratégica principal en servicios profesionales. Antes de llegar a Picis, Theresa trabajó como administradora de sistemas clínicos en un gran centro médico de Houston, Texas.