Get Better with Picis

At Picis, we are constantly evaluating how our patient care software can help put the Veteran patient first. Our development is focused on how to better support the enhancement of patient care while streamlining the workflow of the clinician. We accomplish this by providing a contiguous patient record to keep care flowing, practitioners in sync, and administration in the know.

Surgical Workflow Solution for the Patient Journey


Con la tecnología de Microsoft Power BI, los análisis de Picis se conectan directamente a cualquier sistema o fuente HIS para extraer datos en forma de informes detallados. Se pueden configurar los análisis para cualquier área de los hospitales con amplios informes para Anestesia, URPA y Cuidados Críticos.

Las interfaces intuitivas proporcionan la información necesaria en un formato fácil de asimilar para evitar la necesidad de volver a introducir y manipular datos.

Funcionalidades principales:

  • Conéctese diretamente a las bases de datos de clientes
  • Muestra los datos actuales para comprender el rendimiento del departamento/instalación
  • Allows data to be queried by typed or verbal commands
  • Provides high level data with drill downs to micro data points
  • Exportación de informes a Excel o PDF

SmarTrack Next

A mobile, web-based patient tracking app that provides near real-time updates to physicians, staff and family. Communication and patient flow are optimized throughout the perioperative process, with intelligent web-based patient tracking, while providing proactive notifications, to ensure patients move efficiently through the OR.

  • Funcionalidad de asignación de personal mejorada que facilitará la capacidad de arrastrar y soltar
  • Ayuda a mejorar la eficiencia en quirófano reduciendo el tiempo dedicado a la gestión y asignación de personal a las diferentes habitaciones o casos
  • Seamless integration with the scheduling and documentation portions of Picis surgery scheduling software, making updates to SmarTrack when case record information has been documented for items, such as patient in OR room time or patient in PACU time

Tarjetas de preferencia

With this solution, VA facilities can benefit from a more efficient process in support of their pathway to becoming a high-performance organization.

  • Eliminate “word documents” that are out of date and cumbersome to maintain
  • Real-time visibility into usage through automatic inventory decrementing
  • More accurate counts and ordering through product naming standardization

Declaración de capacidades

Picis is a provider of clinical software solutions to over 70 Federal Medical Centers and Clinics to optimize their perioperative, anesthesia, and critical care environments in workflows. Picis offers our customers and vendor partners dedicated contract management, strong program management, and a federally-focused sales and professional services team that specializes in delivering leading-edge perioperative solutions for all federal healthcare initiatives.

Picis’ entire perioperative suite of products is approved by US Department of Veterans Affairs and are listed on its official Technical Reference Model (TRM) for approved products.

Instantánea corporativa de Picis

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